Welcome to The Technical Marketer

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Welcome to The Technical Marketer

There are many buzzwords surrounding digital marketing today: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc... To industry outsiders these words can seem overwhelming. People often shy away from digital marketing because of how technically challenging it is. It takes relentless focus, precision, and perseverance to overcome the challenges you are faced with when trying to market your product or service digitally.

It is because of these challenges that I want to introduce you to The Technical Marketer (TTM). The writers for TTM come from a diverse background in content creation, marketing, SEO, and software. I’m not going to pretend that we are experts at digital marketing. We are here to share our experiences, try to help you bypass obstacles that we have already come across, and offer our vision for the future of digital marketing.

Topics Covered by The Technical Marketer

The writers and contributors for TTM plan to really dig deep into a few of the technical challenges that businesses face when trying to market their product or service digitally. We will:

  • write about how to best design your website to increase your conversion rate.
  • introduce tools and provide guides for auditing your website and making improvements.
  • provide in-depth analysis of how to maximize your ROI with digital advertising.
  • offer insight into common obstacles faced in digital marketing and how to overcome them.
  • outline how to put together the quintessential team of marketers.
  • present challenges we are facing in our own marketing efforts and ask for community input.
  • share our potentially disruptive vision for the future of digital marketing to inspire conversations between movers and shakers in the industry.

Our Target Audience

  • If you are starting your own business and need help hitting the ground running with Facebook advertising, we want to offer advice on how to build your marketing engine.
  • If you currently work for a marketing agency that is struggling to overcome the technical obstacles of digital marketing, we want to share our approach to these challenges with you.
  • If you are a web developer looking to get into marketing automation, we want to help you get started.
  • If you are a seasoned digital marketer with experience in one or many of the topics we plan to cover, we want to hear your feedback so we can improve our content.

How to Follow Us

Along with the blog we have a postcast on itunes and soundcloud, as well as a vlog youtube. The goal of the podcast/vlog is to demonstrate how to grow a business from nothing using digital marketing techniques. We will also be posting regularly on social media, so you can follow us there (see the bottom of this page for links)!

If you have suggestions for us as far as what tools to use, what topics to cover, site suggestions, you want to interview us, you want to be interviewed by us, or if you have other reasons to contact us, visit our contact page.